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two paths

I’m stuck between two paths and I don’t know which one to take
One seems promising and the other seems perfect for me to create
I’m torn about which one to choose, I don’t want to regret it
How I long for a wish to let me preview both dark paths to be well lit
One seems vibrant, beautiful, and filled with green energy
The other seems more experience, lovely, and has rays of relaxing chemistry
They both see me for who I am, and that’s what makes me want both
Again and again, I ponder and stress, feels like one under oath
I need more signs to tell me, which to choose
I know if I take one, the other, I lose
They are truly the same, yet so beautiful and different future
The thought of not being able to see what if I chose this one, haunts me my good sir
I wish they would let me know, how much they want me to travel with them and perfect my craft
I know that only I can control these two paths

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