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suicide of life

Does my life really matter?
I’m sure no one care.
I should commit suicide and slit my wrist and let the blood tell time; a brand new watch I wear.
Disappear from this place, decompose into molecules and shatter.
Empty soul with a empty outlook
I studied everything I could from the book
Things I was suppose to do, no, force to do
It wasn’t my life at all, only following in someone else path

I realized now that only we can create our paths in life
Guidance we have will show us the opportunities but only we can walk it
Hold their hands, baby steps, we will never get far; the concern
Falling down and getting back up is how we grow and learn

Experiencing new things, hope and dreams
Discovering new means, we cope, and sing

Life matters, and so do yours
Never regret your choices, you always have a second chance
To do it over again, but it will only be in a different disguise
Stop being weak and open, your eyes.

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