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spiritual apocalypse

My eyes awoke to the sound of mislead souls traveling.

They greeted me and took me in with their community.

I am lost. I was hopeless. I didn’t know who or what I was.

Everything was ..blank. I was told stories, maybe lies, who knows but I was to abide.

I agreed and everything seemed to be at peace as time with on.

I heard things about the outside, outside of the community.

They told me it was dangerous and I shouldn’t ask questions.

Have faith, that’s all you need. I felt some warm-hearted behind it but I also felt greed.

I see the other side. I need to know what’s there.

I left, even though they said I’ll be punished but I had to experience it myself.

An internal battle between what I knew and what I sought.

If knowledge is power then why not use it for good? Why listen…when you can lead?

I search and search, gathered and gathered.

I learned a lot and I parted with the old ways.

They said I was damned but I knew that I was free.

An internal side crashing down…but another being rebuilt..

An apocalypse of believing and seeing..

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