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a wish that was never answered

As I sit here and type these thoughts out, trying to figure out why

Why do some things happen and some things don’t, my heart being squeezed so it cry

I don’t understand how two souls can be so well connected, so much purity entwined

Only to hear from the other that we don’t click, when all things show a positive future, the signs

My soul weep in despair, lonely warrior, just wanted to hold her tight to himself

Wishing that every moment he breathed, could be with her before his fore-coming deaf

As I fight off this negative energy, trying my best to keep her in my life

But the negative thoughts tell me, why, why long for someone, someone whose confused in the head

and doesn’t know what she wants, she’s temporarily broken, broken like the bottom of a rusty knife

I scream to myself, I want her, I need her, and I know she feels the same but it’s like she doesn’t want to mess up

everything we have, it’s confusing to know how she feels and I just want her to know…she doesn’t need anyone because I’m here for her

As my words echoed over the plains, dark clouds, the rain

I sat there, wishing, wishing she could see what was in front of her at this moment

Why ignore all the right signs and not go for what your heart really wants

I will continue to wish, even if it doesn’t come true

Because how will I ever get an answer, if I never wish to ask

My wish will only be answered, if her wish was the same

So, therefore, no more wishing from me, until someone, answers with a name

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