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10 ways to ruin

I’m feeling good today, I take a sip of alcohol.

I believe I’m at the top of the world, nobody can tell me what to do. I’m living the high life, Hollywood, and to, fandom and famous blue.

My friends and family tell me, I’m not acting like myself. You are all just haters and wished you had my wealth.

Time to meet new people, new friends. All my new friends love me, so I bought them all Benzs.

Lost touch with my family, but who cares. I’m making money and being successful while they sit on stairs.

Meet a new friend, he says I need to push my mind above, he recommends crack and now I feel like I got my groove back.

I’m the perfect businessman, I got it all. Picture frames, awards, and me on the red carpet wall.

Many women want me, so I do all of them. Living in the fast lane, sweaty like the gym.

Business is booming, I love drinking and doing women. No regrets, no love, just do things like above.

I stuff the crack, I’m addicted. So what, isn’t this the perfect life picture I predicted?

Been only six months, and I’m loving life. I’ve been blessed with all this stuff, now my wife.

I still mess around, she doesn’t know. Why should she, I give her all this dough.

I sleep around and pass the drinks. A couple of trips from here and there, too many to think.

Then something happened, and I’m being sued. Copyrights, patents all that stuff is due.

I tried to plea and said it wasn’t me. They charged me with fraud, scams, and thievery.

I asked my new friends for backup, they soon left the scene. Now I’m trying to figure out how can I redeem it.

Find my friend crack, call em up. Got my friend alcohol, he backed me up. They told me to talk to my wife, I talked it up.

We got to arguing, she found out. That I’ve been traveling around and doing women and about.

I felt anger, so I slapped her in the face. She fell down, and I grab her by the waist.

Some things happen, can’t remember. She was badly hurt, and leaves fell in September.

I was sentenced to prison for life, my friend left me.

Now I understand all the warnings I was given. I never listened and that’s why I hate living. Should’ve listened to my family who cared about me. But now I lay on the cold floor of a wet floor of prison pee. If you don’t understand what happened to me, you’ll find out soon. Before you know it, your life might be doomed

1. Alcohol

2. Fame

3. Fortune

4. Money

5. Drugs

6. Sex

7. Lust

8. Violence

9. Adultery

10. Living on these past regrets

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