De'Andre Bush

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tears of confused distractions

A tear drops from this weakened mind

Squeezing my head to avoid many distractions

Why are you ignoring what’s there; the interactions

I know you’re different but so am I

When we are together, we flow so effortlessly without concerns or doubt

But when away, you don’t talk to me, no communication, what’s that about?

I understand you so why can’t you understand us

Understand the joy you bring to my mind and heart

You don’t know how happy I was from the start

Meeting you was like my soul coming out of the dark

Ness…necessary and temporarily, I was in a true awakening

I thought we were partners, but I’m not even a sidekick

Opposite but the attraction I feel, I pick

The pain of not speaking to you, so sick

Help me understand, talk to me

So we can progress further than we can see

I have dreams about you, these are signs in the making

I want you, these contents of the taking

Predict the future, can you see us

Riding the wave of melodies and trust

If you are reading know who you are girl

Let our lips touch as these tears dry from this world

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