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tears of confused distractions

A tear drops from this weakened mind

Squeezing my head to avoid many distractions

Why are you ignoring what’s there; the interactions

I know you’re different but so am I

When we are together, we flow so effortlessly without concerns or doubt

But when away, you don’t talk to me, no communication, what’s that about?

I understand you so why can’t you understand us

Understand the joy you bring to my mind and heart

You don’t know how happy I was from the start

Meeting you was like my soul coming out of the dark

Ness…necessary and temporarily, I was in a true awakening

I thought we were partners, but I’m not even a sidekick

Opposite but the attraction I feel, I pick

The pain of not speaking to you, so sick

Help me understand, talk to me

So we can progress further than we can see

I have dreams about you, these are signs in the making

I want you, these contents of the taking

Predict the future, can you see us

Riding the wave of melodies and trust

If you are reading know who you are girl

Let our lips touch as these tears dry from this world


It hurts so much that I can’t have you
I know the potential is there but do you care?
When I see your smile, my body melts with pleasure
All I want to do is make you happy, full of treasure
Hold you in my arms for eternity
Showing you that passion is my specialty
I know I’m not perfect but you’re perfect for me
The way you give confidence, compliments, and support me
Are all the signs I need, you see
So just come with me and make unity and duality.

Blurred Vision in Agony

Was tossed into a world of darkness, and didn’t have a light.

Everything faded away, no life that’s right.

My vision was blurred so I couldn’t see the mistakes I made.

The regrets of my past and the agony were laid.

Search for a way out, but I couldn’t see one.

Teary-eyed, I hate how the world turned out to be.

I looked up and saw a bright path.

I saw the chances to make it, but it was being guarded by pain’s wrath.

I took a chance, and climb to the top.

Made new friends on the way, so I had to stop.

We fought passed the wrath and now we are close to the top.

My vision was no longer blurred, but the agony has risen.

Hate-filled my heart, trapped tightly like a prison.

Found the key to pain, and unlocked my inner self.

Escaped from prison, and now I have wealth.

All I needed was friends to help me along the way.

If it wasn’t for them, I would have never seen the day.

10 ways to ruin

I’m feeling good today, I take a sip of alcohol.

I believe I’m at the top of the world, nobody can tell me what to do. I’m living the high life, Hollywood, and to, fandom and famous blue.

My friends and family tell me, I’m not acting like myself. You are all just haters and wished you had my wealth.

Time to meet new people, new friends. All my new friends love me, so I bought them all Benzs.

Lost touch with my family, but who cares. I’m making money and being successful while they sit on stairs.

Meet a new friend, he says I need to push my mind above, he recommends crack and now I feel like I got my groove back.

I’m the perfect businessman, I got it all. Picture frames, awards, and me on the red carpet wall.

Many women want me, so I do all of them. Living in the fast lane, sweaty like the gym.

Business is booming, I love drinking and doing women. No regrets, no love, just do things like above.

I stuff the crack, I’m addicted. So what, isn’t this the perfect life picture I predicted?

Been only six months, and I’m loving life. I’ve been blessed with all this stuff, now my wife.

I still mess around, she doesn’t know. Why should she, I give her all this dough.

I sleep around and pass the drinks. A couple of trips from here and there, too many to think.

Then something happened, and I’m being sued. Copyrights, patents all that stuff is due.

I tried to plea and said it wasn’t me. They charged me with fraud, scams, and thievery.

I asked my new friends for backup, they soon left the scene. Now I’m trying to figure out how can I redeem it.

Find my friend crack, call em up. Got my friend alcohol, he backed me up. They told me to talk to my wife, I talked it up.

We got to arguing, she found out. That I’ve been traveling around and doing women and about.

I felt anger, so I slapped her in the face. She fell down, and I grab her by the waist.

Some things happen, can’t remember. She was badly hurt, and leaves fell in September.

I was sentenced to prison for life, my friend left me.

Now I understand all the warnings I was given. I never listened and that’s why I hate living. Should’ve listened to my family who cared about me. But now I lay on the cold floor of a wet floor of prison pee. If you don’t understand what happened to me, you’ll find out soon. Before you know it, your life might be doomed

1. Alcohol

2. Fame

3. Fortune

4. Money

5. Drugs

6. Sex

7. Lust

8. Violence

9. Adultery

10. Living on these past regrets

at first felt

When I first saw you, I felt this amazing aura around you.
I felt your tenderness, kindness, and playful attitude too.
I can’t stop thinking of you and I wish to spend more time together with you.
Every time you reply to my texts, I get excited.
I even tried to remember some things you said to me to see if I can recite them.
I’m not only attracted to you physically but emotionally as well.
Beautiful mind and soul, we fit perfectly and only time will tell.
You have the qualities I desire in a woman, which made me like you even more.
I only hope we can progress further and our minds fused together to the core.
The way you smile to the way you support me. Have me dreaming of many ways I can satisfy the.
From your touch, a thousand angels fly.
To your warmth, a thousand angels cry.
From their tears, I can feel the pureness of your heart.
They tell me we belong together, even if end up some distance apart.
My gut tells me to follow the path that was laid, while my heart blindly searches for the one that was made.
I want to hold you and never let go.
Bonded tightly, oh so oh.
You have the body of a goddess and the mind of a loyal servant.
Heh, forgive me as I say this but a loyal servant is one that gives trust and loyalty so you really deserve it.
All in all, I pray and hope we continue to grow as this felt from the beginning blossoms and steadily glows.


If I could ask, what would make you smile?
Deep thoughts, conversations, I’ll run a mile.
Your mind is so beautiful that I want to have more.
Seeing you is all my eyes ever lusted for.
Close your eyes, hold my hand & let’s dream together.
Do you see me & you? That bond sticks forever.
If it’s one thing I learned, don’t fall for potential.
Believe in me, I believe in you; that’s something that’s very beneficial.
With soft kisses and close bodies; the warmth gets warmer.
Touch, hold, and ecstasy fills our soul within the dormer.
I need you and I can’t stop thinking of you.
Will you be mine..forever..everlasting too?

day after day

Day after day, I can feel the lost attraction that was once part of us

As we take a ride on this magnificent cruise, our path slowly keeps binding together

Hold hands with you as we walk along this destiny is a must

I can see as we continue to spend time, our communication has become better

There is something about you, that pulls me in without answers

forever dwelling in your eyes has me lost in a mysterious mettle

As we embrace, our puzzled souls start to connect the pieces

You and me is the only thing that lights this road, we are the dancers

When we hold each other, you take me into a world full of my desires

Never willing to let go of that feeling is something I truly admire

My wounded heart sail down this path before but has never really settled

My pain and worries disappear when you step into the picture

Let’s hold each other close, and block away the negative, this vicious creature

Maybe we can paint this memory, and let it be our mentor

Day by day, I wait for you

Day after day, our world needs you

I did not think, but it grows

I did not think that you would be so supportive of me and my dreams
I did not think that you would be the one that has my full attention
The more we hang together and speak of our wants
I am believing that you are something I need
Not heard, but seen.
Growing like a flower blooming in the spring
I did not think that we had so much in common than the surface
I did not think the deeper our connection formed, our souls became entwined
You are special to me and I’m steadily wanting to go places far with you
Travel the world, hold hands, be free from restrictions
I did not think that you would be the one that is around last
I did not think about anything of this but it is growing


Every time you and I talk, I look into your eyes…


All the surrounding background noise goes on…


When you talk, I look at your lips which makes me want to…


I penetrate your mind just to hear your thoughts…


I move slower..deeper..faster..harder…


We move closer to each other even if we didn’t know it because


Our bodies get tangled in a knot and our mouths brush and…


Your heart beats faster..eyes close..feel me touch every part of your


I grab you by your frontal and pull you closer as I open my mouth and…


Pacing…I taste your parietal down to your occipital while your cerebrum ejects…




colors of expression

the softness of the rose-colored eyes

fills the void that’s left in our lives

the temperature of the mood that flows heavenly

from the jealously purple to the blues of the melodies

the aura of the pure, the whitest of the few

mixed with the richness of black, the grey that it spews

the golden nectar that falls from the skies

nourishes the mind and all are left in surprise

paint my mind with the colors of expression

mixed them all together to grab my affection