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blinded by

As she walks through the darkness of sorrow, her words are like light that gets sucked in and borrowed.

She’s rushing, hoping for an answer to her quest.

A voice echo’s, telling her to head east, not west.

West is what she knows, she loves, and where she has known for so long.

Where east is new beginnings, less pain, and the warmth her heart needs to perfect the tunes of her song.

She’s blinded by her consciousness, so she trying to fill the void with pain.

She just needs to learn to release it for good, when only then, will there be any gain.

West is where she’s blinded by the light and only sees the darkness in the background.

She’s scared to take a chance because she’s afraid of the dark.

East is where she’s blinded by darkness and light at the end.

She’s afraid of the dark, but the light calms her.

If she can learn to walk through the darkness, only then, can she be truly happy.

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