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what is black

What does it mean to be black?

For decades we were taught that

Black was Bad
Black was Lazy
Black was Arrogant
Black was Cruel
Black was Knotty

But if you really truly love yourself and your heritage, you will see the light through this false darkness. Love thy self. Love thy skin. Love thy hair. Love one another. 
As Africans and African Americans, if we come together as one unity, we can show the word that

Black is Beautiful
Black is Loving
Black is Acceptance
Black is Confidence
Black is Knowledge

Black is being that brother that helps you rise
Black is being that loving companion that supports you through the rough tides
Black is being that absolute positive energy the community needs
Black is being that curly root that holds up the home when the river bleeds
Black is being that kind kindred spirit that gives wisdom to the new generation

Black is the foundation of all colors.

Black is the root of all.

My people… black is peace.

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