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the attraction of false feelings

I realize that now I been chasing a hallucination

The feelings I felt were genuine, but what I saw was my mind persuasion

All this time I thought we would go further than ever

Ended up as broken dreams, line straight, under the never

Was I blind the whole time or is this just my life

Meet someone great, grow a seed that only never grows and dies out; the strife

Will I ever be happy…yes I know I will

But how many times does this have to happen to me to find someone that wants me

Things happen for a reason, mysterious reason

Having the wool pulled over your eyes was once called treason

I just don’t understand what I’m suppose to do

My eyes just deceives me and that’s really true

I can’t help to believe that every person I met was suppose happen

These type of things with this timing isn’t a coincidence, doesn’t happen on a whim

They complain what they want but can’t see the man in front of them

Forever chasing, the old me

The new me, gets a chase

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