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frozen heart, the perish song

My heart is frozen solid, so I can’t feel the pain
life progression, makes everything feel the same

My life, the struggles I’ve been through
so I pop a couple of pills so I can be due

Use to call me Daniel, so I used to fly with the wind
dreams got crushed and got toss into a lion’s den

Heard the perish song, and it got me fucked up
they tried to change my spirit so I ended up cuffed up

Trapped in hell, bound by a powerful spell
never will I be the same, so I toss a penny in the well

Hatred filled it, blood lust swindled it
wanted to kill every demon that looked like it

I wanna change, but I can’t
my family at risk, who protect, not me I detect

Please save my soul so I can be repented by it
they’re devouring my life bit by bit

My cousin Johnny said, I will get better
everyone else said the same thing for that matter

They stopped coming to visit, I guess they couldn’t handle it
so handicapped, even got laughed at by patients and shit

Funny money, come kiss me, honey
she turned out to be a daredevil sonny

The devil dared her fondly, and she followed him willingly, stupid bunny
chases fish, when she should be chasing carrots

Tricked me into thinking I was the warrior but I was simply a parrot
echoed her words, sang the enchanted song

Blood poured from my eyes and then I got stung
by that demon, that corrupted soul

Just left me here, my heart froze cold
encrypt the encrypted secret code

So I can leave this place and go back home
hopefully it’s still there, everything’s the same

I pray that this trace is a dream cause its insane
David Blaine, appeared in my head

Did a couple of magic tricks and blew out away the rain
I could see the message that told me willingly

Chant the perish song backward and everything will return back fondly
now I can travel back to reality

Now I’m finally out of this hell
thank you, thank you for getting me out this well

All I needed was someone to believe in me
even if we don’t have the same religion

It gave me strength because you believed in something pigeon
gave me my wind and I soared to the skies

So high, even weed couldn’t get you this high!
no lie, fat chance you’ll get a piece of this pie

I’ll strap-cut your organs if you demons try
never will I go back and that’s the last thing I will do before I die

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