De'Andre Bush

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day after day

Day after day, I can feel the lost attraction that were once part of us

As we take a ride on this magnificent cruise, our path slowly keeps binding together

Hold hands with you as we walk along this destiny is a must

I can see as we continue to spend time, our communication has became better

here something about you, that pulls me in without answers

forever dwelling into your eyes has me lost in a mysterious mettle

As we embrace, our puzzled souls starts to connect the pieces

You and me, is the only thing that lights this road, we are the dancers

When we hold each other, you take me into a world full of my desires

Never willing to let go of that feeling is something I truly admire

My wounded heart sail down this path before, but has never really settled

My pain and worries disappear when you step in the picture

Lets hold each other close, block away the negative, this vicious creature

Maybe we can paint this memory, and let it be our mentor

Day by day, I wait for you

Day after day, our world need you

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