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Blurred Vision in Agony

Was tossed into a world of darkness,didn’t have a light.

Everything faded away, no life that’s right.

My vision was blurred so I couldn’t see the mistakes I made.

The regrets of my past,the agony was laid.

Search for a way out,but I couldn’t see.

Teary eyed, I hate how the world turned out to be.

I looked up,saw a bright path.

I saw the chances to make it,but it was being guarded by pains wrath.

I took a chance,climb to the top.

Made news friends on the way,so I had to stop.

We fought passed the wrath and now we close to the top.

My vision was no longer blurred,but the agony has risen.

Hate filled my heart,trapped tightly like prison.

Found the key to pain,unlocked my inner self.

Escaped from the prison,now I have wealth.

All I needed was friends to help me along the way.

If it wasn’t for them,I would have never seen the day.

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