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what is black

What does it mean to be black?

For decades we were taught that

Black was Bad
Black was Lazy
Black was Arrogant
Black was Cruel
Black was Knotty

But if you really truly love yourself and your heritage, you will see the light through this false darkness. Love thy self. Love thy skin. Love thy hair. Love one another. 
As Africans and African Americans, if we come together as one unity, we can show the word that

Black is Beautiful
Black is Loving
Black is Acceptance
Black is Confidence
Black is Knowledge

Black is being that brother that helps you rise
Black is being that loving companion that supports you through the rough tides
Black is being that absolute positive energy the community needs
Black is being that curly root that holds up the home when the river bleeds
Black is being that kind kindred spirit that gives wisdom to the new generation

Black is the foundation of all colors.

Black is the root of all.

My people… black is peace.

spiritual apocalypse

My eyes awoke to the sound of mislead souls traveling.

They greeted me and took me in with their community.

I am lost. I was hopeless. I didn’t know who or what I was.

Everything was ..blank. I was told stories, maybe lies, who knows but I was to abide.

I agreed and everything seemed to be at peace as time with on.

I heard things about the outside, outside of the community.

They told me it was dangerous and I shouldn’t ask questions.

Have faith, that’s all you need. I felt some warm-hearted behind it but I also felt greed.

I see the other side. I need to know what’s there.

I left, even though they said I’ll be punished but I had to experience it myself.

An internal battle between what I knew and what I sought.

If knowledge is power then why not use it for good? Why listen…when you can lead?

I search and search, gathered and gathered.

I learned a lot and I parted with the old ways.

They said I was damned but I knew that I was free.

An internal side crashing down…but another being rebuilt..

An apocalypse of believing and seeing..

heart race

Every time I see you
My heart races ten-fold
Your beautiful eyes catch me in a daze like whoa
We haven’t known each other long
But I’m glad I met you
Smart, beautiful, curves in all the right places
Who would have ever thought I would see you in such limited spaces
We were destined to meet, we were on the same path
Sometimes I want to tickle you and see if you would laugh
You’re mysterious, so I don’t know what you’re thinking
I know one thing for certain, me and you..heh, we’re clicking.
Take my hand and let’s walk the earth together
Experience nature, and be free with this pluck of a feather.
I want to get to know you more, so I hope you feel the same.
To be honest, I want you…I hope that wasn’t too lame.

frozen heart, the perish song

My heart is frozen solid, so I can’t feel the pain
life progression, makes everything feel the same

My life, the struggles I’ve been through
so I pop a couple of pills so I can be due

Use to call me Daniel, so I used to fly with the wind
dreams got crushed and got toss into a lion’s den

Heard the perish song, and it got me fucked up
they tried to change my spirit so I ended up cuffed up

Trapped in hell, bound by a powerful spell
never will I be the same, so I toss a penny in the well

Hatred filled it, blood lust swindled it
wanted to kill every demon that looked like it

I wanna change, but I can’t
my family at risk, who protect, not me I detect

Please save my soul so I can be repented by it
they’re devouring my life bit by bit

My cousin Johnny said, I will get better
everyone else said the same thing for that matter

They stopped coming to visit, I guess they couldn’t handle it
so handicapped, even got laughed at by patients and shit

Funny money, come kiss me, honey
she turned out to be a daredevil sonny

The devil dared her fondly, and she followed him willingly, stupid bunny
chases fish, when she should be chasing carrots

Tricked me into thinking I was the warrior but I was simply a parrot
echoed her words, sang the enchanted song

Blood poured from my eyes and then I got stung
by that demon, that corrupted soul

Just left me here, my heart froze cold
encrypt the encrypted secret code

So I can leave this place and go back home
hopefully it’s still there, everything’s the same

I pray that this trace is a dream cause its insane
David Blaine, appeared in my head

Did a couple of magic tricks and blew out away the rain
I could see the message that told me willingly

Chant the perish song backward and everything will return back fondly
now I can travel back to reality

Now I’m finally out of this hell
thank you, thank you for getting me out this well

All I needed was someone to believe in me
even if we don’t have the same religion

It gave me strength because you believed in something pigeon
gave me my wind and I soared to the skies

So high, even weed couldn’t get you this high!
no lie, fat chance you’ll get a piece of this pie

I’ll strap-cut your organs if you demons try
never will I go back and that’s the last thing I will do before I die

the attraction of false feelings

I realize that now I have been chasing a hallucination

The feelings I felt were genuine, but what I saw was my mind’s persuasion

All this time I thought we would go further than ever

Ended up as broken dreams, a line straight, under the never

Was I blind the whole time or is this just my life

Meet someone great, grow a seed that only never grows and dies out; the strife

Will I ever be happy…yes I know I will

But how many times does this have to happen to me to find someone that wants me?

Things happen for a reason, a mysterious reason

Having the wool pulled over your eyes was once called treason

I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to do

My eyes just deceive me and that’s really true

I can’t help to believe that every person I met was supposed to happen

These type of things with this timing isn’t a coincidence, doesn’t happen on a whim

They complain about what they want but can’t see the man in front of them

Forever chasing, the old me

The new me gets a chase

a wish that was never answered

As I sit here and type these thoughts out, trying to figure out why

Why do some things happen and some things don’t, my heart being squeezed so it cry

I don’t understand how two souls can be so well connected, so much purity entwined

Only to hear from the other that we don’t click, when all things show a positive future, the signs

My soul weep in despair, lonely warrior, just wanted to hold her tight to himself

Wishing that every moment he breathed, could be with her before his fore-coming deaf

As I fight off this negative energy, trying my best to keep her in my life

But the negative thoughts tell me, why, why long for someone, someone whose confused in the head

and doesn’t know what she wants, she’s temporarily broken, broken like the bottom of a rusty knife

I scream to myself, I want her, I need her, and I know she feels the same but it’s like she doesn’t want to mess up

everything we have, it’s confusing to know how she feels and I just want her to know…she doesn’t need anyone because I’m here for her

As my words echoed over the plains, dark clouds, the rain

I sat there, wishing, wishing she could see what was in front of her at this moment

Why ignore all the right signs and not go for what your heart really wants

I will continue to wish, even if it doesn’t come true

Because how will I ever get an answer, if I never wish to ask

My wish will only be answered, if her wish was the same

So, therefore, no more wishing from me, until someone, answers with a name

two paths

I’m stuck between two paths and I don’t know which one to take
One seems promising and the other seems perfect for me to create
I’m torn about which one to choose, I don’t want to regret it
How I long for a wish to let me preview both dark paths to be well lit
One seems vibrant, beautiful, and filled with green energy
The other seems more experience, lovely, and has rays of relaxing chemistry
They both see me for who I am, and that’s what makes me want both
Again and again, I ponder and stress, feels like one under oath
I need more signs to tell me, which to choose
I know if I take one, the other, I lose
They are truly the same, yet so beautiful and different future
The thought of not being able to see what if I chose this one, haunts me my good sir
I wish they would let me know, how much they want me to travel with them and perfect my craft
I know that only I can control these two paths

blinded by

As she walks through the darkness of sorrow, her words are like light that gets sucked in and borrowed.

She’s rushing, hoping for an answer to her quest.

A voice echo’s, telling her to head east, not west.

West is what she knows, she loves, and where she has known for so long.

Where east is new beginnings, less pain, and the warmth her heart needs to perfect the tunes of her song.

She’s blinded by her consciousness, so she trying to fill the void with pain.

She just needs to learn to release it for good, when only then, will there be any gain.

West is where she’s blinded by the light and only sees the darkness in the background.

She’s scared to take a chance because she’s afraid of the dark.

East is where she’s blinded by darkness and light at the end.

She’s afraid of the dark, but the light calms her.

If she can learn to walk through the darkness, only then, can she be truly happy.

promise positively

There’s darkness but the light at the end.
There’s light but darkness comes in.
I promise you, positive things happen to positive people.
Don’t dwell on the negative or the energy will become a sequel.
We attract things we think about, that’s the way it works.
Think about it. Write it down every day and the universe deciphers and lurks.
Bringing you what you want, not need.
Positively cry, it bleeds.
Negatively grows stronger, it feeds.
Don’t let it breed, stop it with the right deed.
Be forever positive, and plant the new seed.

suicide of life

Does my life really matter?
I’m sure no one care.
I should commit suicide and slit my wrist and let the blood tell time; a brand new watch I wear.
Disappear from this place, decompose into molecules and shatter.
Empty soul with a empty outlook
I studied everything I could from the book
Things I was suppose to do, no, force to do
It wasn’t my life at all, only following in someone else path

I realized now that only we can create our paths in life
Guidance we have will show us the opportunities but only we can walk it
Hold their hands, baby steps, we will never get far; the concern
Falling down and getting back up is how we grow and learn

Experiencing new things, hope and dreams
Discovering new means, we cope, and sing

Life matters, and so do yours
Never regret your choices, you always have a second chance
To do it over again, but it will only be in a different disguise
Stop being weak and open, your eyes.