what is black

What does it means to be black?For decades we were taught thatBlack was BadBlack was LazyBlack was ArrogantBlack was CruelBlack was KnottyBut if you really truly love yourself and your heritage, you will see the light through this false darkness. Love thy self. Love thy skin. Love thy hair. Love one another. As Africans and African Americans, if we come together as one unity, we can show the word thatBlack is BeautifulBlack is LovingBlack

spiritual apocalypse

My eyes awoken to the sound of mislead souls traveling. They greeted me and took me in with their community. I am lost. I was hopeless. I didn’t know who or what I was. Everything was ..blank. I was told stories, maybe lies, who knows but I was to abide. I agreed and everything seemed to be at peace as time with on. I heard things about the outside, outside

heart race

Everytime I see youMy heart races ten-foldYour beautiful eyes catches me in a daze like whoaWe haven’t known each other longBut I’m glad I met youSmart, beautiful, curves in all the right placesWho would have ever thought I would see you in such limited spacesWe were destined to meet, we were on the same pathSometimes I want to tickle you and see if you would laughYou’re mysterious, so I don’t

frozen heart, the perish song

My heart frozen solid, so I can’t feel the painlife progression, makes everything feel the same My life, the struggles I’ve been throughso i pop a couple pills so i can be due Use to call me Daniel, so i used to fly with the winddreams got crushed and got toss in a lions den Heard the perish song, it got me fucked upthey tried to change my spirit so

the attraction of false feelings

I realize that now I been chasing a hallucination The feelings I felt were genuine, but what I saw was my mind persuasion All this time I thought we would go further than ever Ended up as broken dreams, line straight, under the never Was I blind the whole time or is this just my life Meet someone great, grow a seed that only never grows and dies out; the strife

a wish that was never answered

As I sit here and type these thoughts out, trying to figure out why Why some things happen and some things don’t, heart being squeeze so it cry I don’t understand how two souls can be so well connected, so much purity entwined Only to hear from the other that we don’t click, when all things show a positive future, the signs My soul weep in despair, lonely warrior, just

two paths

I’m stuck between two paths and I don’t know which one too takeOne seems promising and the other seems perfect for me to createI’m torn between which one to choose, I don’t won’t to regret itHow I long for a wish to let me preview both dark paths to be well litOne is seems vibrant, beautiful and fill of green energyThe other is seems more experience, lovely and rays of

blinded by

As she walks through the darkness of sorrow, her words are like light that gets sucked in and borrowed. She’s rushing, hoping for an answer to her quest. A voice echo’s, telling her to head east, not west. West is what she’s knows, she loves, where she known for so long. Where east is new beginnings, less pain and the warmth her heart needs to perfect the tunes of her

promise positively

There’s darkness but light at the end.There’s light but darkness comes in.I promise you, positive things happen to positive people.Don’t dwell on the negative or the energy will become a sequel.We attract things we think about, that’s the way it works.Think about it. Write it down everyday and the universe decipher and lurks.Bringing you what you want, not need.Positively cry, it bleeds.Negatively grows stronger, it feeds.Don’t let it breed, stop

suicide of life

Does my life really matter?I’m sure no one care.I should commit suicide and slit my wrist and let the blood tell time; a brand new watch I wear.Disappear from this place, decompose into molecules and shatter.Empty soul with a empty outlookI studied everything I could from the bookThings I was suppose to do, no, force to doIt wasn’t my life at all, only following in someone else path I realized