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at first felt

When I first saw you, I felt this amazing aura around you.
I felt your tenderness, kindness and playful attitude too.
I can’t stop thinking of you and I wish to spend more time together with you.
Every time you reply to my texts, I get excited.
I even tried to remember some things you said to me to see if I can recite it.
I’m not only attracted to you physically, but emotionally as well.
Beautiful mind and soul, we fit perfectly and only time will tell.
You have that qualities I desire in a woman, which made me like you even more.
I only hope we can progress further and our minds fused together to the core.
The way you smile to the way you support me. Have me dreaming of many ways I can satisfy the.
From your touch, a thousand angels fly.
To your warmth, thousand angels cry.
From their tears, I can feel the pureness from your heart.
They tell me we belong together, even if end up some distant apart.
My gut tells me to follow the path that was laid, while my heart blindly searches for the one that made.
I want to hold you and never let go.
Bonded tightly, oh so oh.
You have the body of a goddess, and mind of a loyal servant.
Heh, forgive me as I say this but loyal servant as one that gives trust and loyalty so you really deserve it.
All in all, I pray and hope we continue to grow as this felt from the beginning blossoms and steadily glow.

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