about me

To really understand me, is to understand what of me. A curious boy when young, who looked at the world differently than others. I know most kids grow up thinking the exact same thing, and we realize that a lot of us see things differently than most; the mass. That’s where you will find I, De’Andre Bush.

A character that has many faces of curiosity and creativity. I grew up in a very small town called Cuba in Alabama. It was really a simple type of life, much different than the city. I suppose that’s why parents move to the “country” so they can escape the noise and raise a family. Majority of the town knew each other and I’m pretty sure most were related in some way. I was always known to be wondering how things worked. Whether it was how hot curling iron works or understanding how things made people feel. Why the behavior, why the habits, just why? I am still searching for many answers and that’s why I purposely try to adapt myself into many mediums of creativity and imaginations. The storytellers.

It’s beautiful how stories come together and seeing art in any form, grow and take place. I started from being a kid who wanted to experience things that others got and wanted to prove I can do whatever they did. Thus, got into a lot of fights. Doubts of my talent, my ideas, myself and those feelings drove me to a world where I would create to show that I can.

I guess, you can call me somewhat of an enigma. And there are many out there that feels the same, I know. I just do. This is why I have to express myself in these platforms so I can inspire others and leave a physical of me when I am gone.

Many kids grow up without having someone to talk to, have fun with, learn from and they go out and do what they think that’s right. I just want to create so they can see that we are all connected and we are not alone.

Find your tribe, you’ll see everything clearly. Remember, whatever goal and dream that you have, the first step is the hardest. To just do. And once you do, the path will slowly unfold to guide you.

— heh, suppose to be about me but here I go making it about all of us. Because to me, me is everyone and everyone is, me.